Fire resistant shutters

The Roller Assembly is supported by mild steel endplates mounting angles for fixing to the support structure. On one endplate steel gears or chain transmission provide drive to the barrel. All ELITE fire shutters are designed to provide fail-safe closing under fire conditions - regardless of failure of the motor, wiring or electrical controls. In addition, activation through a fire-alarm signal can be incorporated into the control system as standard.

The use of time-delay or two-part closing for limiting smoke passage, visual and audible signalling are optional requirements which may be recommended/specified by fire-consultants and/or fire officers. It is impressive that clients obtain professional advice. ELITE can provide all such operating and safety controls, when specified.

The fire shutter range is installed as 'Life Protecting Equipment' in accordance with the overall Fire Engineering of any Building and therefore must be maintained by qualified personnel on regular basis. This is a legal requirement under the 2005 Regulatory Reform Order (see regulatory responsibility section).

Fire Shutter Service and Maintenance Checklist

Planned preventative maintenance is in accordance with our recommendations and comprises the following key tasks:

Monthly Testing (by Client)

  • Ensure Service Staff have received training from Shutter Manufacturer and/or Supplier.
  • Check that there have been no additions to walls or surfaces in the vicinity or in the descent path, which could interfere with the shutter deployment.
  • Check that all shutter curtains are free of obstructions within their descent path.
  • Visually inspect shutters for signs of damage including guide and lath.
  • Operate all units from the Control Units.
  • Reset system and ensure all shutters retract to their fire ready position.
  • Ensure all shutters deploy to their Fire Operational.
  • Enter test time, date, and inspectors name on record sheet.
  • Report any operational difficulties or failures.
  • Repeat monthly operation.
  • Check condition of all bottom bars, and the interface with the ceiling.
  • Check additional controls operational (where applicable).
  • Inspect integrity of all shutters in the down position, for dents, etc.
  • Check mechanical action in the side guides etc.
  • Indicate alarm signal source.
  • Check correct operation of all LEDs at all controls.
  • Complete inspection report and issue to client.
  • Visual inspection of all wiring, connections, and control equipment for evidence of damage, wear, interference.
  • Video/Photograph Shutter Drop Test, Shutter Open, Shutter Deploy, Shutter Close for internal records.

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