About Us

Elite Tech Precision Ltd was founded in 2003 by Stephen Byrne. Stephen has extensive knowledge of fabrication having worked as a blacksmith for 6 years in the UK. Stephen then entered the roller shutter & door industry having worked in the UK for 10years. Stephen saw a gap in the market for a new company to offer customers & clients a complete package on shutters & doors & fm. Stephen quickly formed relationships with the OPW & Topaz Ireland (formerly Statoil). Stephen oversees all contracted work and believes that a hands on approach ensures that the client is getting the best service.

Elite Tech Precision Ltd being a smaller business has been successful in securing and more importantly maintaining maintenance contracts for some of the larger clients nationwide. We pride ourselves on being accessible and personable at all times to our clients by remaining in touch with the day-to-day and specifics of each contract, or assigned job, which is often lost on larger companies.

  • As a smaller business with smaller overheads, our quality and service is never compromised unlike some of our larger contemporaries, who especially in recent economic times have had to cut expenses, resulting in such compromises.

  • The benefit of using a smaller business such as Elite Tech Precision Ltd is the knowledge and confidence that we are more adaptable in tuning into the individual needs of our clients without the obstruction of rigid corporate polices.

  • It is the policy of Elite Tech Precision to get to know, understand and value our customers. To be on-hand to assist when required and without the customer having to navigate the proverbial phone tree in order to obtain a satisfactory outcome.

  • In summary, the ‘modus operandi’ of Elite Tech Precision Ltd is to understand the granularity of how we function at all times; to focus on retention of our customers by building on relationships whilst providing them with the best and tailored service possible.

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