Industrial shutters

The Shutter Curtain is fabricated from interlocking 76mm galvanised steel laths with ends of alternate lath. A cold rolled galvanised ‘T’ section base bar finishes the bottom of the curtain. Two mild steel end plates support the roller barrel. The barrel is fabricated from steel tube of sufficient strength to span the opening width and to carry the curtain. Built into the barrel is a shaft of 30mm diameter with bronze oilite bushes contained in cast iron cones.

The shutter barrel is driven through a simplex roller chain drive, the hand chain operating a chain wheel. A retaining bracket mounted on the side guide at low level locks the hand chain.

Fire resistant shutters

Fire resistant shutters

The Roller Assembly is supported by mild steel endplates mounting angles for fixing to the support structure. On one endplate steel gears or chain transmission provide drive to the barrel. All ELITE fire shutters are designed to provide fail-safe closing under fire conditions - regardless of failure of the motor, wiring or electrical controls. In addition, activation through a fire-alarm signal can be incorporated into the control system as standard.

The use of time-delay or two-part closing for limiting smoke passage, visual and audible signalling are optional requirements which may be recommended/specified by fire-consultants and/or fire officers. It is impressive that clients obtain professional advice. ELITE can provide all such operating and safety controls, when specified.


The Secureguard Gate System combines a classic appearance with effective protection, ideal for home or workplace. There are 2 versions to choose from, Secureguard 1000 and the higher security 1001 (tested and approved to LPS 1175-1). The system can be easily fitted to the face or reveal of a window or door aperture and can be specified in a single or double-sash configuration.

Where a completely clear opening is required Secureguard’s bottom track can be made lift up and its sashes hinged to swing away from the opening at 90or 180 degrees.

secureguard secureguard

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